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Perdido Sand Realty is a licensed real estate company providing full service sales.

Full service real estate brokerages provide services such as the following:
  • MLS and the Internet: as a member of the local Pensacola Association of Realtors, we enter your home into MLS to properly market your home. We take photos of your home with a high-end wide angle digital camera and flash to show your home in the best light and angles with the sharpest contrast & color
  • Signage: we place a professional sign on your property for free advertising with the office number, agents cell phone number and website
  • Marketing materials: we can provide flyers and direct mail outs
  • Negotation: this can be more difficult than it sounds. You want a Real Estate Agent on your side that can negotiate contracts, read the contracts for clarity, prepare counter offers, and ensure you cross all your t's and dot all your i's.
  • Closing table: your real estate agent has to go through the logistics of the getting you, the buyer and your home to the closing table. The agent should know the current laws and rules/regulations for the loan process, title work, appraisal, and inspections

Perdido Sand Realty uses the latest technology to provide you with the current contracts to list/sell your home, and use digital signatures on documents for ease of use, legibility, and ease of logistics.

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This is essential in this virtual world when you and possibly your spouse are in two different locations and unable to get the constrant stream of documents signed by both parties.

We will give you a Comparative Market Analysis ("CMA") based on Pensacola's Multiple Listing Service ("MLS"). Some agents may attempt to gain your listing by inflating the initial listing price and/or a lower commission. Before making a decision on a real estate agent to list your home, ask the agents to show you their last 24 months of listings to see the price reductions and compare them.

We would love the opportunity to provide you outstanding customer service! CLICK HERE to contact us today for a listing appointment or to receive a Market Analysis for your home

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