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Choosing a Community Association Management ("CAM") company needs to be based on the condo or homeowner association's own unique goals, ideas and mission.

Perdido Sand Realty has the experience and reputation in the community to meet your needs. Our staff is comprised of educated and licensed professionals who are dedicated to association management and can provide you professional and accurate guidance on issues such as reserves, maintenance, insurance, budgets, governance, and contracts. Ted is a Certified Facility ManagerĀ® (CFM), which sets the industry standard for ensuring the knowledge and competence of practicing facility managers.

Perdido Sand Realty will provide you services based upon the best practices within the community associations industry, governing documents and Florida law to include the following:
  1. Communications with the Board, homeowners and vendors
  2. Owner accounting and collection
  3. Data entry and bookkeeping
  4. Track, manage and provide financial reports
  5. General administration
  6. Estoppel letters for sales and refinancing
  7. Property and facility maintenance
  8. Board and Annual Meeting administration
  9. Vendor relations
  10. Onsite website administration

Our licensed Community Association Management and admin staff includes the following:
  1. Ted Johnson, Owner/Broker, Realtor, LCAM
  2. Jamie, LCAM
  3. Mike, LCAM
  4. Cheri, Admin
  5. Crystal, Admin
  6. Marchell, Bookkeeper
  7. Michael Shorey, LCAM, Realtor

To request additional information on the services we provide or for a management proposal, please CLICK HERE to contact us.

We have the honor of working with the following associations. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.
Capri Resort
16551 Perdido Key Drive
Pensacola, FL. 32507

Florencia Condominiums
14900 River Road
Pensacola, FL. 32507

Galia at Lost Key Yacht Club & Marina
10099 Nelle Ave
Pensacola, FL. 32507
Herons Forest
Gulf Beach Hwy
Pensacola, FL. 32507

Innerarity Townhomes
Innerarity Point Rd
Pensacola, FL. 32507

La Riva West
14241 Perdido Key Dr
Pensacola, FL. 32507

Mailing address:
14241 Perdido Key Dr
Pensacola, FL. 32507

East: 16547 Perdido Key Dr
West: 16549 Perdido Key Dr
Pensacola, FL. 32507

East: 17359 Perdido Key Drive
West: 17361 Perdido Key Drive
Pensacola, FL. 32507

Riviera Dunes
Gulf side: 16685 Perdido Key Dr
River side: 16684 Perdido Key Dr
Perdido Key, FL. 32507
Windemere COA
14511 Perdido Key Dr
Pensacola, FL. 32507
Perdido Sand Realty
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